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Back to School Giveaway! Enter to win our all natural and vegan friendly soaps and skincare to keep you clean and relaxed!

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Back to School Giveaway!

Thanks so much to everyone who entered and congratulations to our winner, Jamie!  We really love doing giveaways and look forward to another one again soon!

It's time for a Back to School Giveaway!  Back to school also means an abundance of new germs and we have a bunch of our all natural and vegan friendly soaps and skincare to help you keep your hands clean and hopefully bring a little relaxation to your hectic schedule too!

Enter to win: 

This giveaway has a retail value of over $80 and we hope you win!  Please see giveaway rules for more details.

 Back to School Giveaway of all natural, vegan friendly soaps and skincare!

Best wishes for a healthy school year!  Do you have any tips for staying healthy that you'd like to share?  I know that taking time to get enough rest and eating well-- lots of fruits and veggies and kefir (I LOVE my water kefir!) and essential oils for germ killing.. can't forget them! --  have really helped me to stay healthy!  What about you? 

Sadly our blog doesn't allow us to respond to your comments, but please know that we read and enjoy them all!  If you would like an answer to your comment or questions, please contact us directly.  We hope they add a response feature soon!

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  • Tamra Gibson on

    I try to drink lots of water, take vitamins and eat the healthiest I can with lots of veggies and fruits

  • jen drake on

    i try to walk as much as possible and snack on healthy things like grapes and bananas

  • Ashley Sammons on

    I transitioned to a vegan diet so I eat a lot of fresh whole foods! Veggies, beans, and sweet potatoes are my fave. I also like to incorporate probiotics & a ton of h20! Hiking is a favorite as well.

  • Christina Almond on

    I try to eat clean and wholesome foods and get outdoors!

  • Ellie Sheely on

    Live a balance life one day at a time. Take time for self, family, spiritual devotion of choice, get enough sleep.

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