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Happy Valentine's Day Giveaway

Angela Weaver Gift Sets Giveaways Happy Valentine's Day Soaps

Enter to win our Valentine's Day Giveaway

February is here and we thought we would celebrate our anniversary and Valentine’s Day by sharing a little more love with all of you!  

We discovered we still had a few of these fun Heart Shaped Clamshell Gift Boxes and we’ve put together some unscented gift sets sure to delight you or someone you love!  So enter to win one today and take some time to relax and enjoy how fun and easy it is to take great care of your skin!  

Thank you so much to everyone for entering and congratulations to Meredith on winning!

Heart Shaped Gift Box of our unscented, all natural and vegan friendly products is sure to surprise and delight someone you love! 


Valentine's Day Giveaway of our unscented, all natural, vegan friendly soaps and skincare!


Want to surprise and delight someone you love with a Heart Gift Set?  We have a few more available while supplies last!  


There seems to be quite a range of thoughts associated with Valentine's Day, and I much prefer the family-friendly thoughts of showing appreciation to those we love.  And while it shouldn't be just one day of the year that we take the time to do that, one more day certainly couldn't hurt, right?

Around here, we really enjoy finding ways to show a little love and appreciation to others and have been truly blessed by others showing kindness and help to us! 

What are your favorite ways, or what act(s) of kindness has someone shown you that has meant a lot for you? 

Sadly our blog isn't set up for us to respond to your comments, but please know we read and enjoy all of them!  If you would like an answer to your comment or question, please contact us directly, thanks!  Hopefully they will update this feature soon so we can reply!

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  • Amber Kolb on

    I went through brain, skull and spine surgery a few years ago and went through the year long recovery process almost completely alone. It was an extremely tough time for me. I received a care package in the mail from the only pen pal I ever had back when I was in high school. He, his mom, and his friend sent me self-care items and it was a surprise. It was the sweetest thing and I will always remember it!

  • Saundra McKenzie on

    The guy in front of me at Starbucks paid for my frappacino. I was shocked.

  • Barbara Pacific on

    Years ago I was a waitress in a family restaurant I had regular customers a very wealthy couple we had their 2nd home in our town. To make a long story short my car broke down this couple paid to have my car fixed. I cried for days as a single mom to 3 , around the holidays this meant so much to me

  • Pam Flynn on

    I tried to bring lunch to a friend who was ill and left it for her to enjoy.

  • Audrey Stewart on

    Someone left cat food on my doorstep when I was at work, to contribute to my elderly rescue cats that I shelter.

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