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Let us help you crush your healthy living goals for 2019!

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Giveaway! Let us help you crush your healthy living goals for 2019!

Congratulations Deana and thank you so much to everyone for entering! Thanks for letting us help you crush your healthy living goals for 2019 with a gift box full of our all natural, vegan friendly, unscented soaps to clean up your skin care routine this new year!  Stay healthy, stay clean!

We hope that 2019 is off to a healthy start for you and your family!  We know that even small changes can add up to make a big difference and that’s one of the reasons that we love creating our all natural and vegan friendly soaps... it may seem insignificant, but using our chemical free soaps may make your skin feel better and inspire you to make even more healthy changes in your life!  We want to help you live healthier one luxurious bar of soap at a time! 

To help make that even easier, we’re giving away some of our favorite handmade unscented soaps for you to see how fun and easy it can be to clean up your skin care routine!  So let us help you crush your healthy living goals for the new year and enter to win today! 

Winner will be drawn on February 5th so you can receive it in time for Valentine’s Day because we love you too!


Let us help you crush your healthy living resolutions this New Year!

What goals are you crushing this year?  And feel free to share your best healthy living inspiration as we can all use a little more kindness and encouragement on the journey! 

This year one of my goals for this year is drinking more water...  I admit I don't really like to drink just water and often find myself needing to drink more, so I've been adding lemon, fruit, cucumber, etc. for a bit of flavor or drinking unsweetened tea -- I really do love tea! (and coffee too! though, sadly I don't think that works quite as well to hydrate you ... but progress over perfection, right?) 

You can find a few of my other favorite healthy living inspiration ideas on our Pinterest page too and we'd love it if you pinned your favorite of our products to inspire others to live healthy and use good soap! :)

Sadly our blog isn't set up for us to respond to your comments, but please know we read and enjoy all of them!  If you would like an answer to your comment or question, please contact us directly, thanks!  Hopefully they will update this feature soon so we can reply!



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  • Shannon McMahon on

    These looks beautiful and inspiring! A cleaner lifestyle starts with what you not only put inside your body, but with what you apply outside as well.

  • Sara on

    My goal is to exercise more and eat less sweets.

  • Deborah Smith on

    The health goal I am crushing this year is actually having found a doctor who didn’t have her head up her backside and actually wanted to do her job. Which is treating the multiple auto immune diseases instead of telling me there isn’t anything wrong with me like every single other doctor. Since November I have now been able to walk across a room without assistance, where before I was wheelchair bound for over a year. I’ve been able to lose 30 pounds and have started being able to eat things other than pureed food. And now that I can walk short distances without help, I’m going up and down the driveway a few times a day. I don’t care that it looks silly to the neighbors

  • Jessica W. on

    I am eating more super foods this year! An avocado a day keeps the doctor away.

  • Gregg Cesario on

    Can’t wait to win

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