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Spring Giveaway of our all natural, vegan friendly soaps and skincare!

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Spring Giveaway of our all natural and vegan friendly soaps!

We love doing giveaways! Easter is my favorite holiday and to celebrate Spring— and a return to getting to be outside gardening again!— we've put together a Spring Giveaway with some of our favorite products for you to enjoy... enter to win today! 

And then keep an eye on your email as we will contact the winner on May 1st after entries close on April 30th.  We ask that you respond within 24 hours or we will choose another winner...  Thank you for entering!  We really enjoy doing giveaways and hope it's fun for you too! 


Spring Giveaway of our all natural, vegan friendly soaps and skincare!


Spring also means a return to working outside in the gardens, and I LOVE TO GARDEN!  If you'd like to leave a blog comment on your thoughts about gardening, I'd love to read them!  Do you love it? hate it?  prefer to shop at the farmer's market? or wish you knew more?  Or if you love it like I do and have favorite tips or tricks to share, that would be fun too!

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  • Charlene Wagner on

    This giveaway is awesome!!! I love to get my grandkids out and show them that food is grown not from a box (😎). I remember going to the yard my gramma always had a garden and if I was hungry I was told grab something from there not like now . I think it’s important to show younger kids and toldders where real food comes from . My grandkids enjoy cooking with me and coming up with their own recipes it’s so fun . 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • Antoinette on

    We planted a crabapple tree last week! Just beautiful!

  • Donna Evans on

    Thanks for all the great tips

  • Donna Evans on

    I love living in Florida and that I have flowers blooming all year.

  • stacy on

    sure i love to garden…its a fun activity

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