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Stay at Home Giveaway! Enjoy a Spa Day at home on us!

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Enter to win our Stay at Home Giveaway of our all natural, vegan friendly soaps and skin care.

Enter to Win our Stay at Home Giveaway!

With all that has changed over the past several weeks with social distancing and mandated quarantines, if there’s ever been a good time to stay home, relax and enjoy a spa day, it’s now!  And we’d love to help you do that so we’ve put together a large collection of our all natural, vegan friendly soaps and skin care products for you to relax and enjoy:

Stay at Home Giveaway includes:

With a retail value of over $175 we hope you and your quarantine crew will enjoy many relaxing hours at home with them!


Stay at Home Giveaway: Enjoy a Spa Day at Home with our all natural, vegan friendly soaps and skincare!


Our hearts go out to everyone whose lives have been changed by these recent events, either through sickness, work loss, school and business closings, those adapting to working at home or just being home alone, and for those continuing to work in essential jobs in our communities during this difficult time.  

As a company that provides soap (personal hygiene products), I am grateful to continue making more soaps to keep you clean and healthy.  I have always loved to be home and with an ever lengthening "to-do" list of things I'd like to get done, I have yet to run out of things to do or to have time to be bored... Eventually when it stops snowing here in Northeast Ohio, I'd like to be able to get my gardens cleaned out and ready to plant for this year since our April showers have been more snow than rain!  In the meantime, I'm enjoying making more soaps and doing some fun things I'd wanted to try anyways-- like making sourdough bread! 

It seems like stressful situations have a tendency to bring out the best and worst in people that we wouldn't see otherwise and it's my hope that you are able to find joy in the darkness and peace in the midst of the chaos that has been surrounding us lately.  If you'd like to share how you are making the most of these unusual times to encourage the rest of us that would be great-- you are a thoughtful and generous bunch and I always love reading your comments!  Unfortunately our blog isn't designed to allow for replying to comments, but know that I read them all and you are always welcome to Contact Us for an answer to your comments or questions.

Thank you so much to everyone who has entered our giveaway! We love you all and are excited to announce Christina D. Is our winner! 

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  • donna porter on

    Hubby and I planted a veggie garden to get some fresh air as well as to grow our own fresh food. Wish us luck because not sure how well this will go! I have been trying to stay busy so as not to stress out and worry so much! I have been trying to have a positive attitude and pray!

  • BILL HOFF on

    I won a years supply of cheese balls and am sharing them with everyone. Might not be much,but it puts a smile on their face for a minute

  • kathy pease on

    I watch a lot of videos on youtube to try and make sense of what we are going through. There seems to be much more to it all than what they show you on the main stream media. People need to do their own research and not just believe what they are told on the news.

  • curtis silver on

    only a few hours left. good luck

  • Cathy Balogh on

    Nice to live where there aren’t many people so we try and get out for a hike when the sun shines

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