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2017 Daylily Sales Garden!

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This year the Daylily sale garden has been moved over next to the new cut flower and herb garden flower bed. It took A LOT of work, but it's finally done and the plants are looking good!  I had hoped to wait until fall to move them all, but my better half had other plans!  At any rate, the new location is much better and a little more water and they will be looking great and blooming in just a couple weeks!  There are still over a hundred varieties to choose from in all sizes, shapes and colors!  Generously sized, state inspected plants and prices are the same: $5 each or buy 5 and get the 6th one free :)  Local pickup only for the plants and hours are by appointment so please contact us to set up a time to visit; I'd love to see you! See our Daylily page for more information.

2017 Daylily Sale Garden

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of garden work! Several nights were spent out planting by the light of the moon and enjoying working in the cooler evening air since the past few days have seen temperatures hit 90°, unusually warm for this time of year here in Northeast Ohio!  I'm happy to say that everything is planted and seeded and growing well... many of the seeds have even sprouted and are coming along nicely!

Planting by the light of the moon at Sunnybrook Gardens Ltd

I told my family the other day that this garden was either going to be beautiful or it was going to do me in and they could just plant me out there with the daylilies! haha!  Mostly I'm thinking it's going to be beautiful, but a couple of times moving all those daylily plants I thought it might go the other way!  I've been enjoying all varieties of Mineral Bathing Salts quite often as a good soak in the tub does seem to do the tired gardener good! 

Anyone else thankful for a little rain in the forecast?  Happy gardening everyone!


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