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April Showers of Soapy Savings for Spring Skincare

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Enjoy April Savings for Spring Skincare

Hope you are all doing well and staying healthy!  I admit I love being home and am enjoying getting a few more things done, and of course, making more soap!  With everything going on I wouldn't want you to run out of good soap and washing your hands without good soap just isn't any fun at all. 

Local friends, we are happy to offer no-touch porch pickups for you during this unconventional time and will be glad to help in any way we can including local delivery if you prefer.  Please contact us and let us know what you would like and to arrange for pickup day and time; if you prefer to pay online for your order, you can also use the coupon code LOCALPICKUP at checkout and shipping will be free on any size order.

Easter is just a few weeks away and we'd love to fill your basket with some great soaps to keep you clean and healthy this season!  We have many all natural and vegan friendly soap varieties to choose from, and while we may be running low on a few of our hand-milled soap varieties, we are hard at work making more for you, and there's still a lot of varieties available!  And even some new swirled soaps on the drying rack that we are excited to introduce to you very soon -- follow along with us on Facebook and Instagram for some sneak peaks!  And as always, our Newsletter family will be the first to know too!

Enjoy our April Monthly Promotion Box!Our April Monthly Promotion Box simplifies taking great care of your skin with some unscented essentials for Spring!  Wash up with joy using our gentle, all natural and vegan friendly cold process Organic Coconut Milk Soap, plus enjoy a smooth and clean shave with our Barbershop Shaving Soap too, and our Unscented Dry Shampoo works great for a quick fix for your hair and is also wonderful as a body powder too!  Gift boxed for fun (and also because it’s Spring and our gift boxes are eco-friendly so you can easily reuse them to start a few garden seeds of your own)! Relax and enjoy:

  • One bar of our Cold Process Unscented Organic Coconut Milk Soap that is handmade with organic vegetable oils and butters and creamy organic coconut milk for a smooth and luxurious bar of soap!  Try it as a shampoo bar too!
  • One Barbershop Shaving Soap Round is great for both men and women and all skin types too!  Handcrafted with organic plant oils and shea butter too for lots of lather in hard or soft water and added Rhassoul clay and Balsam of Peru essential oil for a nice slippery feel, gentle scent and great skin care! 
  • One Mini Unscented Dry Shampoo for Light Hair is all natural, vegan friendly, non-gmo, aluminum free and handcrafted with organic ingredients and for a product that works great and you can feel good about using!  Also works well as a talc free body powder or facial powder too!

Products have a retail value of $19 but are available this month at a special promotion price of $15, for a savings of over 20%!  Available exclusively and in limited quantities for the month of April 2020.


Stay well friends!  We love you and hope you are making the best of things as many of us are quarantined and others are essential and are out there everyday keeping us safe...

Take a moment to enjoy the birds singing and working hard building their nests and be on the lookout for the flowers starting to bloom again too!  And there must be a lot more of you thinking about planting a garden, as many of the seed companies I love buying seeds from have been much busier than usual! 

How are you staying healthy and holding up with all the recent events?

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