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December Savings to Relax and Enjoy this year!

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December Savings to Relax and Enjoy!

December arrives after our first snowfall of the season and baby it's cold outside!  A good time to warm up inside and enjoy getting ready for Christmas!  It can seem a bit overwhelming trying to get done everything I'd like to do, but over the years I've learned to remember that my to do list isn't in charge of my enjoyment of the season...  I don't bake as many cookies anymore and my decorations are not as elaborate as they used to be, but spending time with family and friends is just as sweet (or sweeter!) than ever.  Thankfully, my gift list still enjoys getting handmade soaps :) 

If you'd like to surprise someone on your list with our handmade soaps, we have a lot of gift sets to choose from and as always we are happy to write a personal note on the gift tag and send it directly to them.  Just let us know how we can make your gifting a little easier and more fun this year!  Sending gifts any time and for any occasion, is always one of my very favorite things! 

Just remember to order before December 15th so it can arrive in time for Christmas... (we can't guarantee it will make it, but the post office works hard to make sure that they do...)

Order by December 15th for Christmas Delivery


This December, I hope you get to relax and enjoy the peace and joy of Christmas, the warmth of conversation with a good friend and the beauty of a handmade gift given or received.  You may notice that a white Christmas isn't high on my list -- the snow is pretty, but once or twice is enough for me! haha!

What are some of your favorite holiday traditions or things you enjoy most about this time of year?

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