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January Savings to make your resolutions to live healthier easy to keep!

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Happy New Year from Sunnybrook Gardens Ltd

Happy New Year 2019!  Looking forward to another fun year here at Sunnybrook Gardens Ltd!  I love the turn of the new year as a time to reflect on the past year and set some goals for the coming year.

Realistically, some goals just roll on over to the new year like getting healthy, because let's be real, it's definitely a process and even if you're there it's not like you can just stop and quit now that you arrived!  You have to keep at it to stay there!  I'd like to tell you I've arrived at the ideal of health, but I'm still working out some of the larger and smaller details!  But progress has been and continues to be made, so we press on because giving up and giving in just isn't an option I'm okay with... right?  Progress over perfection...

Our January Monthly Promotion Box with our unscented, all natural, vegan friendly handmade soaps is a fun and easy way to keep your resolution to live healthier in the New Year!  Relax and enjoy our chemical free soaps that not only clean up your skin care products and routine but are good for your skin too!  Our soaps are all safe for the whole family to use, but with our luxurious organic ingredients, we won't blame you if you want to keep them all for yourself!  

What goals are you crushing this year?  And feel free to share your best healthy living inspiration as we can all use a little kindness and encouragement!  Find a few of our favorite healthy living inspiration ideas on our Pinterest page too!

Plus to help you crush your healthy skin care goals for 2019 we've put together a little giveaway for this month too!  Enter to win today and let us help you relax and enjoy how easy it is to take great care of your skin!  Giveaway ends February 5th so we can send it to you in time for Valentine's Day because we love you too!



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