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Relax & Enjoy July Savings and Daylily Season too!

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Relax and Enjoy our July Savings and Daylily Season too!

Happy July! July is one of my favorite months because of means that Daylily Season is here!  I wait all year to see all their pretty faces start to bloom and since each flower only lasts for one day, each day is a new and wonderful adventure to see who is blooming!  

I spend a lot of time out in the gardens each day as picking all the old Daylily blooms is rather time consuming— lIke several hours each day!  Usually you’ll find me out there every evening picking off the day’s flowers (live-heading rather than dead-heading for those fellow Daylily addicts 😁) because it’s easier to look over a bed and see what you missed that way and then they’re all fresh and ready for a new day!

Local friends, the sale garden is ready to burst into bloom with hundreds of plants just waiting for new homes— contact us to schedule a time to visit and adopt some to enjoy! 💚

All that time working outside makes taking a little more care of my tired body all the more necessary and enjoyable!  You can’t go wrong with a good bar of soap to clean up from a hard day’s work, and bring on the Mineral Bathing Salts for the nights when there’s time to just soak and relax! When time is short or I’m still working outside,  I love the Gardener’s Freshening Spray with its fresh blend of therapeutic essential oils for a quick refresh and feels so good on tired, bug-bitten skin too!

You can find some of my favorites for this time of year in our July Monthly Promotion Gift Box and at special price for this month too!


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