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May flowers and Monthly Promotion Box for Mothers Day! ūüĆł

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¬†May Prairie Rose crabapple blooms ūüĆł

While April may be the official start of Spring, May is the month when it usually begins to feel like it! The early spring hyacinth, tulip and daffodil bulbs have faded and given way to Lilacs and Crabapple trees, like this Prairie Rose Crabapple shown in the background of our May cover photo! Every time it blooms with its explosion of fluffy baby pink flowers I think it is my favorite tree we've ever planted! ūüĆłūüĆ≥

Prairie Rose Crabapple tree growing at Sunnybrook Gardens Ltd Prairie Rose Crabapple blooms at Sunnybrook Gardens Ltd 

While it does have an abundance of unattractive suckers at the base of the tree that grow back time and again in spite of my repeated pruning, its appealing shape, ornamental size and roots that don't mind sharing with the flowers make it a favorite in our yard.  And in the spring when it blooms, there is nothing quite as beautiful!  And for better or worse depending on your perspective, it doesn't produce crabapples in the fall.  If you're thinking of planting a tree for Mom this Mothers Day, this might be an ideal one for your yard too!

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And with Mothers Day right around the corner, we've put together a Monthly Promotion Box for May that is sure to be a gift that will delight and relax Moms of all ages!  It includes a variety of our popular Lavender all natural and vegan friendly skin care products and is sure to be a great Mothers Day gift to relax and delight your favorite mom, grandma, aunt, sister, etc!  Treat someone special and yourself and create your own spa experience at home! 

Our May Promotion Gift Box includes:

Products have a total retail value of $55, but are available this month at a special promotion price of $40, for a savings of over 25%!  Available exclusively for the month of May 2017.  We reserve the right to make substitutions should one or more products become sold out; we will email you should your order be affected and allow you to choose a different variety of the out of stock product(s).


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