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NEW Beard and Mustache Wax scents are now available!

Angela Weaver Beard & Mustache Wax Gift Sets New

Our Cedarwood Beard and Mustache Wax smells and works so well that we couldn't resist rounding out the scent offerings!  As always, they are all natural, vegan friendly, cruelty free and handcrafted with organic ingredients and therapeutic grade essential oils.

Check out our latest Beard and Mustache Wax additions:

New Vanilla Balsam with organic vanilla and therapeutic Balsam of Peru essential oil for a rich, warm, manly vanilla scent that isn't too sweet.

New Spearmint with a bit of fresh, clean, therapeutic spearmint essential oil.

New Peppermint with a touch of therapeutic peppermint essential oil for a classic fresh peppermint that will be perfect for the holidays or all year long.

And for when you already smell great, Unscented for firm hold without any added scent.

Try several new scents and $ave with our Beard and Mustache Wax Sampler Gift Set!  


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