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Introducing Two New Unscented Hand-milled Soaps!

Angela Weaver Kefir New Soaps


Sometimes I'll try a new product and think, "Yeah, I guess that works pretty well" or, worse, "I'll never try that again!"  But every now and then, you find a product that is "WOW! I don't know how I ever did without this!"  And that's how I feel about both my water kefir and blue green algae capsules!  Water kefir is a vegan, all natural, probiotic drink created from organic sugar, water, and water kefir cultures (called "grains").  It is healthy and good for you and ever since I bought my first grains from Kombucha Kamp, I have been hooked for life!  I feel the same way about the organic blue green algae powder from E3Live too!  And like a lot of things that I love, they also make some great bars of soap!   I know it might sound pretty strange if you're not familiar with water kefir, but trust me, it's wonderful stuff!

So that's why I am even more excited than usual to introduce the two new Unscented Soaps for the Fresh Air Collection!  NEW Unscented Water Kefir and NEW Unscented Blue Water Kefir Hand-milled Soaps are both handcrafted with my water kefir and water kefir grains and the Blue Water Kefir has added organic blue green algae powder for even more skin loving nutrients and a pretty, light grey-blue-green color!  Both soaps are smooth, creamy, sudsy, and oh so good for your skin! 

Sunnybrook Gardens Ltd Unscented Water Kefir Hand-milled Soaps, all natural, vegan friendly


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