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October News and Special Promotions

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I really love the arrival of Autumn and September and October are some of my favorite months (after July with the daylilies at their peak of course!)  I love the break from the heat and humidity of the summer and even though the work in the gardens can be overwhelming, it is my favorite time to get things done outside. The air is cooler, the sun isn't as scorching, the humidity isn't suffocating, and the ground is still warm under your feet, knees, hands, etc. while crawling around pulling weeds, planting garlic and cold hardy seeds, harvesting veggies and herbs, and all of the other things that are on the seemingly endless list of fall cleanup tasks!

Really, the only thing that keeps the fall from being perfect is knowing that winter is just around the corner...  but let's not think about that yet!  

What are your favorite things to do for October?  And how do you keep up your energy for the endless garden work to be done?  I need some inspiration... or maybe just some hired help! I'm not getting any younger here... :)

This month our October Monthly Promotion Box includes a refreshing all natural and vegan friendly blend of orange and spiced chai scents to warm and refresh your skin care routine! And with the abundance of outside gardening, my skin, body and spirit can use the warmth and refreshment!  Relax and enjoy our Hand-milled Spiced Orange Soap, Spiced Vanilla Lava Lip Gloss, Spiced Chai Lip Balm and Spiced Chai Mineral Bathing Salts to bring some warmth to the cooler weather and a smile to your face!


Plus we have our Halloween Trick or Treat Guest Soaps at a special price for this month and other great deals too for our Monthly Promotions for October.


And if you haven't entered to win our Halloween Trick or Treat Basket Giveaway yet, make sure you enter to win today!

Enter to win our Halloween Trick or Treat Basket Giveaway!


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