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Find us at the Window Box Florist in Brimfield and we are happy to be Ohio Proud too!

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Now available at the Window Box Florist in Brimfield and happy Ohio Proud member!

Local friends can now find our all natural and vegan friendly soaps and skin care products (and some of our local fresh cut flower blooms too!) at the Window Box Florist on State Route 43 in Brimfield... we have always loved this flower shop and its owner!  Be sure to stop in if you are in the area!  

Plus it's right near the Brimfield Bread Oven so you can pickup some of the best freshly baked wood-fired oven bread, croissants, scones, pretzels, pizza (maybe even made with our fresh basil) too ... so much goodness in Brimfield Township, Ohio!   

Plus we are also excited to share that we have recently been accepted to join Ohio Proud! Ohio Proud is the Ohio Department of Agriculture’s marketing program that identifies and promotes food and agriculture that are made in Ohio and grown in Ohio and I've been born and raised in Ohio for more years than I may readily admit too ;-)  Ohio is definitely HOME and I am so happy to be a part of growing and creating here in Northeast Ohio!  You can find out more about Ohio Proud and the other Ohio Proud partners at their website:!



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