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🌳🌲 Spring Tree Planting! 🌲 🌳

Angela Weaver Gardening Spring

Spring planting of many new trees!

A little late for Arbor Day, but still so happy to find our new trees arrived from the Arbor Day Foundation in great shape!  We always love planting more trees each year... our kids who water them do not share our same love for them 😂  We managed to get everyone planted in time for the coming rain too which was a bit of a job since there were over thirty of them!

I have always loved our property as we have lots of room to plant so many things!  This years additions included another Saucer Magnolia, a white Paper Birch, a yellow buckeye (must have one in Ohio to go with our Red Buckeye and Briotti Buckeye!), several varieties of Oak trees, more Sycamore (London Planetree) trees, a hickory tree and beech tree, several Douglas Firs, more Tulip Poplars, Eastern Redbuds, and some Sugar Maples too!  

We seem to have better luck with bareroot trees planted in the spring getting established rather than the ones we've planted in the fall.  Fall planting of many new trees always seems to guarantee the coming of one of the coldest winters on record and a less than preferable success rate with the baby trees living through it.  Spring plantings require a lot of care in making sure they all get adequate water to become well established but unless there are several hard frosts after planting to kill them after they've woken up from their winter dormancy, they seem to do well. Hopefully it won't be a really dry summer, or our kids will really love having to keep watering them all! 

Anyone else planting any new trees this year? 💚🏡💚


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