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Cedarwood Soap Dish, all natural and hand-crafted especially for our soaps! - Sunnybrook Gardens Ltd - 2

Red Cedar Wood Soap Dish, unfinished and handcrafted especially for us

$ 6.00

Our Red Cedar Wood Soap Dishes are locally handcrafted for us by Dennis Weaver of Weaver Wood Creations in beautiful Ohio Amish country!

This is the only product on our website that is not handmade by me.  Since I'm not very capable when it comes to woodworking, I was pleased to meet with Dennis and am very excited to be able to offer these quality wooden soap dishes that were thoughtfully handcrafted especially for our soaps!  

Each Soap Dish is handcrafted using red cedar wood to be long-lasting and able to withstand the wet conditions that come with being a soap dish! They are unfinished at our request to be naturally beautiful, without any added varnish or stain.  Each one is beautiful and unique in the pattern and color of the wood grain variations and all have a pleasant cedar scent!  

Size of the soap dish is 3.25" long, 2.25" wide, and 3/4" thick so they will fit nicely beside the sink or on most shower ledges or shelves too.  We especially appreciate the extra thickness and sanded edges for a finished look and the attention to the details!

All handmade soaps benefit from the use of a soap dish that will allow the soap to drain and dry between uses and thereby extend the life of the soap.  While we are quite pleased to tell you that our Cold Process Soaps and especially our Hand-milled Soaps will all last a lot longer than the average handmade soap, these soap dishes are a beautiful, affordable and convenient way to get some extra life out of every bar.

The bars of soap shown in some of the pictures are for illustration only and not included with the purchase of the soap dish... but we can assure you we have many soaps to choose from to go with them! =)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review

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