All Natural, Vegan Friendly, Handcrafted & Handmilled Soaps and Local Flowers
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Our Hand-milled Soaps are extra-long lasting

Our Hand-milled Soaps are all natural, vegan friendly and joyfully handmade in small batches... twice... to be extra long lasting!  This process (also called rebatching or rebatched soaps) takes several weeks longer from start to finish than making cold process soap, but it creates a bar soap that is harder and longer lasting.

We really love our Hand-milled Soaps and we have created so many varieties to choose from that we've also sorted them into collections to help you discover your favorite scents and varieties quickly:

These soaps are truly a labor of love from start to finish!  We do not use a pre-made soap base -- we always make our own soaps from scratch! Organic vegetable oils, organic shea and cocoa butter and organic coconut milk combine to create our Organic Coconut Milk Cold Process Soap that is thoughtfully formulated to be gentle and good for your skin. This unscented soap lathers well in hard and soft water and also hand-mills beautifully! Plus it has a great texture and hardness – not slimy like some all-vegetable bars.

Then, this soap is grated by hand and re-melted, or hand-milled (also called rebatched), to create one of our many varieties of soap. While we have many unscented varieties, we also have many varieties that are gently scented with premium quality therapeutic grade essential oils and/or organic herbs and spices, for great color, scent and texture.

Our hand-milled soaps are then dried for three or more weeks before being offered for sale. The end result is a wonderful bar of handcrafted all natural soap that is harder and longer lasting than handmade soap that has not been hand-milled. As with all handmade soaps, they are best kept dry between uses and a soap dish that drains away excess water works best.

While we have many unscented varieties, we also have many varieties that are gently scented using premium quality therapeutic essential oils from trusted sources for a pure, gentle scent you and your skin can feel good about using.  If you dislike artificial, chemical laden fragrances you will love our soaps-- they are chemical free, artificial fragrance free, paraben free, phalate free, free of bad stuff!

Our process takes a lot more time, but we think you will agree they are some of the best bars of soap you will ever use and with so many varieties to choose from, the hardest decision is usually which ones to try first!