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Liquid Soaps

All natural vegan friendly Organic Olive Oil Liquid Castile Soap

Our all natural, vegan friendly Unscented Organic Olive Oil Castile Liquid Soap is perfect for sensitive skin and babies too!  Gentle, pure, unscented soap at its best! It creates suds and lather with lots of small, creamy bubbles! 

This multi-purpose soap is good for so many things!  Perfect for use as a gentle liquid hand soap, body wash, household cleaning, and any home made DIY recipe that calls for unscented Castile soap too!  Castile soap is the name often given to the pure olive oil soaps that were crafted in the Castile region of Spain. Compare our ingredients with other brands that say Castile soap and see the difference!

Offered in a variety of convenient sizes for use for travel, home, baby bath, and refill too.

This is a completely handcrafted liquid soap that is made from scratch using only distilled water, organic olive oil, potassium hydroxide lye*, and borax (sodium borate). *Please note that there is no remaining lye in the soap!  The natural soap-making process combines oils with lye to create soap through the process called saponification.  The borax is added to create both the correct Ph level of the soap and the perfect texture... not too thin, not too thick!