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Our Blue Orpington Chickens and Fresh Eggs

Fresh Eggs for sale in Brimfield, Ohio

We love our little flock of Blue Orpington Chickens!  They are so sweet and gentle and full of personality!  We treat them as pets and they will enjoy a long life without heading for the freezer... we are unconventional chicken keepers that way!

Blue Orpington Chickens are a little harder to find than other breeds of chickens but we love their friendly personality and the color so much!  Such pretty shades of gray and since the blue doesn't always breed true, they will also be black (but a with lots of shimmer to the feathers!) and splash (white with flecks of gray and black) that I also love!  All so pretty!  We bought our little flock from Meyer Hatchery in the summer of 2019 and we could not be happier with them! Our rooster, Levi, is beautiful and sweet too!

We are happy to offer limited quantities of both fresh eggs for eating and hatching eggs from our little flock for local pickup.



We have enjoyed a little flock of backyard chickens for many, many years and they are one of my favorite pets!  If you'd enjoy reading the long version of my chicken history, you're welcome to read more on our blog post here :)