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Fresh Cut Herbs, Edible Flowers and Garlic

Fresh Cut Herbs, Flowers and Garlic for sale locally

We love organic gardening and are always happy to offer fresh cut herbs, edible flowers and garlic available seasonally for local pickup usually from early July through the first frost (late September or early October).  

We grow several varieties of basil (Genovese, purple, Thai, lemon) plus dill, cilantro and more -- fresh herbs are such a joy to use in cooking or baking! 

We grow a large selection of edible flowers too! Add them to salads or use as a beautiful natural decoration for cookies, cakes and more!  We especially love freezing them into ice cubes and using in our water, lemonade and iced tea!  The flavor depends on the type of flower and can be strong or light depending.  Edible flowers include: marigolds, borage, sunflowers, zinnias, snapdragons, DAYLILIES and more! 

Garlic is harvested late June or early July and we grow Music (hardneck) and Inchelium Red (softneck) varieties.  We've planted more than ever before for 2021 and are excited to have plenty to share this season!  Until we grew our own, I didn't realize what a huge difference in flavor there is between store bought and home grown... it is amazing!  Garlic now available-- see below! 

Local porch pickups of fresh cut herbs, flowers and garlic are welcome.  Plus we usually have Fresh Eggs from our beloved Blue Orpington chickens through the summer too.  We'd love to help make your meals look and taste amazing! 

Contact Us with any questions, or to place an order and to confirm availability.