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Our Sunnybrook Gardens Ltd Story

Welcome to Sunnybrook Gardens Ltd!

Welcome to Sunnybrook Gardens Ltd, we are so glad you are here!

If you've been curious to know a little bit more about just who it is that makes our soaps and grows the flowers here at Sunnybrook Gardens Ltd and how it all began, this is the longer story for you!  I admit I really hate getting my picture taken, so you won't find a whole lot of my face on social media or even on our website since I'd much rather show you all the pretty soaps and flowers instead!  

We joyfully create our all natural, plant based, vegan friendly soaps and skin care recipes in small batches using luxurious, nourishing ingredients so you can relax and enjoy chemical free products that are good for you and those you love!

Sunnybrook Gardens Ltd started with an obsession for daylily plants as we organically grow hundreds of varieties to enjoy and sell locally each year!  In 2008, named for the street I grew up on (where my mom started the daylily addiction!) and our love of gardening, Sunnybrook Gardens was born and grew to become Sunnybrook Gardens Ltd in 2011 when we built our new home just a few hundred feet from our first home in the neighbor's field that we are ever so grateful that they sold to us! 

My soap-making adventures began even before Sunnybrook Gardens...  When our children had started school I was heartbroken that we weren't going to have more kids, and I was dreading a long Ohio winter without being able to work in the flowers.  Then one evening my husband brought home a magazine with an article about homemade soap. For me it was an answer to prayer as I had also been looking for natural ways to improve my sensitive skin.  For him and the rest of my family and friends, they thought I'd lost my mind when I said I wanted to learn to make soap! Thankfully, a couple close friends were a bit more understanding and they gifted me my first soap-making books.  After a lot of preparation and research, I made my first batch of "real" natural soap and I was totally hooked! All this time later, I love it even more!

From those humble beginnings has grown a desire to inspire others to live healthier, eat real food, and use good soap!  Healthy living is a process and for all I've learned and improved, there is still so much more to discover and put into action!  It can feel overwhelming at times, but I hope we can encourage each other as we move forward. From eating better and/or growing your own food, to ditching the chemicals in your skincare products (yep, we have lots of soaps and more to help you 😊)  Each small step can add up to great results!   

We are dedicated to organically growing daylily plants and a variety of fresh cut herbs, edible flowers, garlic and more as well as joyfully creating soaps and skin care products that are all natural, vegan friendly, and handcrafted using carefully sourced, luxurious, and often organic, ingredients from trusted suppliers.  The best ingredients make the best soap! We use our own recipes that are thoughtfully formulated to be gentle and good for your skin and our products are never tested on animals (we have a very willing group of humans!) After many years in business, our carefully designed recipes have truly stood the test of time.  

Soap-making is a lot like cooking… everyone has their own style and there can be a big difference from one soap-maker to another.  I love products that are pure and clean, so you won’t find any artificial fragrances or colors (no bad stuff!) in our soaps. Instead, there are naturally beautiful colors from organic herbs and spices and they are either unscented or gently and lightly scented using premium quality therapeutic essential oils that offer plant benefits as well as gentle scent.  Many people who are not able to use artificially scented products are pleased to find that not only do our unscented varieties work well for them, but our scented varieties are often gentle enough to use also! If you dislike strong, perfumey scents and artificial colors but are searching for high quality, all natural and chemical free products that you (and your skin!) can feel good about using, our products are a perfect fit! 

Good business is about so much more than just making a profit and we want you to enjoy your time with us as much as we care about and enjoy serving you!  We love hearing that our soaps are enjoyed and personalized gift sets and favors are so much fun for us to put together! Please feel welcome to contact us with any questions that you may have and we will be happy to help.  We also love doing giveaways of our products several times a year, so be sure to enter to win some fun soaps and more!

If you live near or are visiting nearby Brimfield Township, Ohio, we hope you'll let us know and say hello!  While we don't have public studio to see our soaps (yet!) we do love having friends to walk with through the flowers. Just contact us to schedule a time to visit.  Early to mid July is peak bloom time for the daylilies here in Northeast Ohio and that is one of the prettiest times to visit! Plus there's usually some fresh iced tea and a homemade cookie or two waiting for you too! 

Thank you for being a part of our growing family!  I hope you enjoy learning a little more about us and welcome you to contact us and let us know more about you... we love hearing from you too!  And I always love to talk about soap and flowers! 

Angela and family 💕


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