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Enter to win our End of Summer Stay-cation Giveaway!

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Enter to win our End of Summer Stay-cation Giveaway!

ūü•≥ Congratulations to our latest winner ‚ÄĒ Dana R.!

Even though summer may be coming to an end, there are still so many fun things to do that are close to home!  Truth be told, "stay-cations" are a lot more my style than vacations-- it is a lot easier to relax and enjoy time with family when there isn't a mountain of laundry to do when we get home!  While I love a good week at the beach, local day trips, and even camping in the backyard when our kids were little was so much fun and easy to squeeze in even during the rush of back to school days. 

Plus, this time of year there is no lack of things to do at home as the garden enters more of a wild stage with an abundance of weeds to pull and veggies to harvest, not to mention the daylilies are finishing up so it will soon be time to cut them down and start dividing for next year's sale garden.  The length of my to do list keeps growing and can be a little overwhelming.  I'm attempting to come to terms with the reality that it will probably not all get done as quickly as I'd like (or at all!) but that can be a bit frustrating too!  But the benefit of a little "self-care" can go a long way to restoring some peace and sanity to this beautifully hectic season...  all of which made me think that it would be fun to put together another giveaway! 

So whether you are preparing for another school year or just stuck in the same old routine, I hope you'll enter to win our latest End of Summer Stay-cation Giveaway that is packed full of our all natural, vegan friendly soaps and skincare to help you to relax and enjoy the final days of summer before they disappear!

And I'd love to know your favorite things to do close to home too!  Do you love a good "stay-cation" too or are you more adventurous and love to travel far from home?  Or what big projects are you ready to rest from and enjoy some "self-care" and escape for a bit?

End of Summer Stay-cation Giveaway of our all natural, vegan friendly Soaps and Skincare! 

Even with summer coming to an end, there's still lots of fun things to relax and enjoy near to home!  What are your favorite "stay-cation" things to do without going far from home? 

Sadly our blog isn't set up for us to respond to your comments, but please know we read and enjoy all of them!  If you would like an answer to your comment or question, please contact us directly, thanks!  Hopefully they will update this feature soon so we can reply!

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  • Nicole Watson on

    Listening and dancing to music

  • Sandra Lee Davis on


  • Mya Murphy on

    I love singing and listening to music..

  • Dorothy Page on

    Love to enter sweeps

  • Jessica W. on

    We love to hang out at the pool and relax there.

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