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August Savings! Save on travel essentials in this month's promotion box!

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August Monthly Promotion Box has Savings on Fun Travel Essentials!

August has arrived and so have some great savings in this month's promotion box!  August's Promotion Box is a collection of useful and fun products perfect for traveling and everyday use!  These are the things you'll find in my bag on any given day out!

  • One small size Unscented Organic Olive Oil Liquid Soap. Flip-top tottle bottle is a great size for traveling! And, I admit, I have been known to use my own liquid soap to keep from having to use some smelly restroom soaps when are traveling or just out and about! Yikes, some of that stuff is awful!
  • One mini bottle of Joyful Freshening Spray.  I love the freshening sprays with their light scent and this one I often use a body mist or perfume.  One of my very favorite scents!
  • One Lavender Solid Perfume.  These have a lot of uses beyond just perfume! Since they are hand-crafted with therapeutic essential oil it is perfect for using on bug bites or stings, cuts or scratches, or anywhere else you would apply Lavender essential oil! 
  • One Lavender Vanilla Lava Lip Gloss. I'm a little hooked on the lip glosses!  Light and sheer without being sticky they have just the right amount of gloss and flavor and in such a fun roll-on bottle too!
  • And last but not least, one mini bottle of Lavender Dry Shampoo for light hair.  These have whole bunch of uses beyond dry shampoo too!  Enjoy as a body powder and works great as a light, sheer, face powder in a pinch also!

Products have a total retail value of $35.50, but are available this month at a special promotion price of $25, for a savings of over 25%!  Available exclusively for the month of August 2017.  

We reserve the right to make substitutions should one or more products become sold out; we will email you should your order be affected and allow you to choose a different variety of the out of stock product(s).
The information on this website is not intended as a substitute for the diagnosis, treatment or advice of a qualified, licensed medical professional and is presented as information only.  No statement on this website has been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  Products are for external use only; discontinue use if redness or irritation should occur.  Seek the advice of a medical professional for application to your specific situation. 

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