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December Sale on Lip Balms and Glosses!

Angela Weaver Gifts Lip Balm Lip Glosses Merry Christmas! Promotions SALE

December already!  With the weather turning colder and Christmas just around the corner we thought it was a good time for a great deal on our all natural, vegan friendly, Lip Balms and Lava Lip Glosses!  Save 25% when you enter coupon code MISTLETOE2016 at checkout!  These are perfect for gifts, party favors, stocking-stuffers, and also convenient for a thoughtful gift to people you see and appreciate throughout the year! 

Sunnybrook Gardens Ltd December 2016 Lip Balms and Glosses promotion!

Our Lip Balms are handcrafted with organic cocoa and shea butters, candelilla wax, organic castor oil and natural plant based tocopherol (vitamin E) to provide excellent care for your lips without any added dyes, colors or sparkle! Ten (10) great flavors to choose from including many that are flavored using high-quality therapeutic essential oils.  Choose from: Natural (Unscented), Lavender, Peppermint, Wintergreen, Cinnamon, Chocolate Almond, Orange, Spiced Chai, Vanilla Bean and Frankincense, or try one of each with our Lip Balm Sampler Gift Set!  Perfect for anyone who wants to take good care of their lips without any added shine or color! Since our lip balms are all natural and contain a high percentage of organic cocoa and shea butters, they will naturally melt at around 95°, or, at about body temperature. So you'll want to keep these in your desk, backpack, purse, etc. and not in your jeans pocket! Great stocking-stuffers as long as there isn't a fire in the fireplace too!  We recommend keeping them cool in order to enjoy them the most. Once you try them, you won't mind keeping them cool! :)

Sunnybrook Gardens Ltd all natural, vegan friendly Lip Balms   

Our Lava Lip Glosses are all natural, vegan friendly, and handcrafted with organic sunflower oil and organic vegetable glycerin for a two-layer lava effect that is double good for your lips! A lightweight gloss with a delicious all natural, scent/flavors. We even add a touch of organic agave nectar for a bit of sweetness! Comes in a cute roll-on bottles and they smell AND taste wonderful, without being sticky! A great way to take good care of your lips when you don’t mind a bit of shine! No artificial flavors or colors and safe to keep in your pocket without fear of melting!  Five (5) delicious varieties: Lavender Vanilla, Vanilla Mint, Vanilla Almond, Spiced Vanilla, and Vanilla Frankincense, or try them all with our Lava Lip Gloss Sampler Gift Set!

Sunnybrook Gardens Ltd all natural, vegan Lava Lip Glosses


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