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October Savings to Relax and Enjoy!

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Relax and enjoy our October Specials and Savings!  

October Savings on our handmade soaps to relax and enjoy!

There’s definitely a bit of a chill in the air the last few days and the trees are beginning to change color too!  Fall is always a busy season wrapping up the garden and getting it ready for next year, seed-saving, and planning for some garlic planting too!  Do you grow your own garlic? If you've thought about it, I'd definitely recommend it! It is one of my favorite things to grow (after daylilies of course!) 

With the arrival of fall, we also will say goodbye to our last Monarch butterfly in the next couple days as the last caterpillar is close to finishing its transformation! I've got to say, learning about them and watching them grow has been a highlight of the summer!  I've added several varieties of milkweed around the gardens for Monarch caterpillar food, as well as other perennial plants to attract different types of caterpillars/butterflies such as Swallowtails, Painted Ladies and more and have been amazed at how easy it is to add them into our existing flower beds.  I'm already excited for next summer and to see how many Monarchs we will be able to feed and raise-- those hungry caterpillars can sure go through a lot of milkweed leaves so we should have more on hand next year to be ready for their big appetites!

The change of seasons is always a great time to change up your skincare routine and we’ve put together a new set of our all natural and vegan friendly soaps to make it easy and fun to feed your skin well this season!  Our October Monthly Promotion Box has our gentle Organic Olive Oil Liquid Castile Soap along with a long-lasting, warm and soothing bar of our Hand-milled Cinnamon and Oatmeal Soap and a handmade Red Cedar Soap Dish so you can get the most out of every bar of soap! Relax and Enjoy!

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