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Enjoy our Daylily Brochure of plants available for 2021

Daylily Brochure

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Enjoy looking through our latest Daylily Brochure with the varieties we have for sale this year!  So many pretty flowers it can be hard to choose just a few!  Local pickup only for daylilies, sorry, we do not ship plants!

We grow 300+ daylily varieties and have a wide variety available for sale each year.  Our plants are state inspected by the Ohio Department of Agriculture and we offer healthy, large divisions (at least two fans, usually many more!) in only lots of different varieties that you won't find at most big box stores or even at local nurseries.  

Our daylily brochure is free to download and plants are available for local pickup only from May through August each year -- we do not ship plants.  If you'd like to schedule a time to come see what's in bloom or to pickup plants, please contact us and we'd be happy to schedule a time for you to visit!

Brochure is free to download, but you do have to go through the checkout process (no payment info needed since it's free) and then you will be sent a link to download the PDF document.  If you have any trouble, please let us know and we'll be glad to help!

Our brochure lists the following information about each daylily variety offered for sale:

# : How many varieties we have in the garden for this season! Listed alphabetically by variety name.
LOC :  This is a location key for us to find the varieties in the sale garden more easily (especially when they aren't blooming!)
Name: The registered name of the daylily variety; these are accurate to the best of our knowledge/belief... we take a lot of care to ensure their accuracy.  
BLM: Bloom time for each variety and is good as a general guide to the bloom time.  Taken from the registration information on the plant so may vary a bit.  Generally, E (early) varieties tend to bloom late June for us here in Ohio, M (mid) varieties bloom early to mid July, and L (late) varieties will begin mid to late July.  Rebloomers are not a guarantee here in Ohio like they are in warmer states, though some varieties are more reliable than others.  Mostly it is dependent on our weather for the summer.
FLR: This is the approximate size of the daylily flower in inches when it blooms; also taken from the registration information and may vary a bit.
HT:  The approximate height of the plant in inches; also taken from the registration information.  This is not always especially reflective for how it will grow for us compared to how it grew for the hybridizer; use it as a guide for short, medium and tall.  We find they usually always grow taller for us than listed!.
DESCRIPTION:  A short, abbreviated description of the variety based on the registration information.  If in doubt, seeing them in person is always the best! :)
Our Daylily Brochure now includes pictures of all of the varieties that we have in the sale garden!  Photographs are property of Sunnybrook Gardens Ltd -- please do not use without permission.  

To view more pictures of daylily varieties, visit The American Daylily Society website which has a wonderful database with photographs you can browse online at: 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review

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