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Enjoy our small Unscented Organic Sugar Scrub from

SPECIAL ORDER Organic Sugar Scrubs

$ 10.00

Our all natural, vegan friendly  Organic Sugar Scrubs are handcrafted By request with organic sugar blended with sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil, apricot kernel oil and organic jojoba oil for a delightful experience for your skin!

Choose unscented or gently scented with therapeutic grade essential oils to provide plant benefits along with mild scent! No added artificial colors or emulsifiers either -- just naturally great stuff that you and your skin will enjoy!

No emulsifiers also means they are safe to use without fear of clogging up your sink or drain, but you may need to stir them a bit before using... we find stirring them to be much easier than unclogging the drain ;)

If you have never tried a sugar scrub before, you are in for a treat! Just mix it up a bit if needed, then scoop out a small amount (1/2 teaspoon or so) and gently rub on your hands, feet and/or body and then rinse with warm water and pat dry! No need to use soap when rinsing as the oils are quickly absorbed into your skin! Just be careful while using as this product can make bathtub or shower slippery! You will be amazed at how far just a small amount will spread and how much your skin will appreciate it!

Choose from these great varieties:

Unscented Organic Sugar Scrub contains no added fragrance or essential oils -- just pure organic sugar and our blend of sweet almond, apricot, grapeseed and organic jojoba oils to indulge your skin! Enjoy as is, or add your favorite essential oils!

Lavender Organic Sugar Scrub is handmade with therapeutic grade lavender essential oil for wonderful relaxing scent!

Joyful Organic Sugar Scrub is handmade with organic rosehip powder and the same blend of therapeutic essential oils for a delightful floral scent! One of my favorites!

Lemongrass Organic Sugar Scrub is handmade with organic lemongrass powder and therapeutic grade lemongrass essential oil for a bright and soothing scent!

Rosemary Mint Organic Sugar Scrub is handmade with therapeutic grade rosemary and spearmint essential oils for a tingly and refreshing scent and feel that is especially wonderful for your feet!

Almond Organic Sugar Scrub is handmade with almond essential oil for a slightly sweet and delicious scent that smells so good you will need to remind your self it's only for your skin!

Citrus Bergamot Organic Sugar Scrub is handmade with organic orange and lemon peel powders and therapeutic essential oils for a light and cheery scent!

Pumpkin Spice Organic Sugar Scrub is handmade with added organic pumpkin seed oil and pumpkin granules along with organic pumpkin pie spice for a classic light and delicious pumpkin pie scent!

Chocolate Vanilla Bean Organic Sugar Scrub is handmade with organic ground organic vanilla and organic cocoa powder for a decadent and blissful mild chocolate vanilla scent! Mmm!

Frankincense Organic Sugar Scrub is made with both frankincense and myrrh powders and therapeutic grade elemi and frankincense essential oils for wonderful light and exotic scent!

Spa Organic Sugar Scrub is handmade with organic ground vanilla beans, organic lime peel powder and a blend of therapeutic essential oils for a refreshing and relaxing scent!

This is a special order item that is made especially for you when ordering!  Please allow 3-5 business days for your order to be ready for shipping.  Large and small jars are available individually without a minimum purchase quantity.

This product is best when used within 4-6 months from opening; being exposed to air and water can cause the product to lose its freshness faster.  Use caution when using as it can make surfaces (tub, shower, etc.) slippery; use care to avoid falling!

We are also happy to do custom scents for you too!  Contact us and let us know what  you have in mind to coordinate with your special event or as a personalized gift!

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