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Happy New Year! January Savings to Relax and Enjoy!

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Happy New Year from all of us at Sunnybrook Gardens Ltd!


We love encouraging you to live healthier-- especially when it comes to using great soap!  And using all natural, chemical free soaps and skin care products are one of the easiest healthy changes you can make!  If you haven't already discovered the difference that a good bar of soap can make for your skin, I hope this is the year that you try it and see for yourself...

Our January Monthly Promotion Box makes upgrading to healthy skin care easy and fun!  Relax and enjoy our satin smooth, cold process Unscented Organic Coconut Milk Soap together with our comforting Hand-Milled Unscented Oatmeal Soap, a handmade Red Cedarwood Soap Dish, and our vegan friendly, unscented Natural Lip Balm all gift boxed and ready to enjoy!  Discover the simple joy of taking great care of your skin!


And if winter has arrived with wind and cold and snow, like it has here in Northeast Ohio, and your skin could use a little extra TLC, try our all natural and vegan friendly Lip Balms or Special Order Body Butters or Solid Lotion Bars for the extra care your skin needs with the harsh winter weather.  And our Mineral Bathing Salts are always a great choice for a warm bath after time outside in the cold!

While winter brings a break from working out in the gardens, in January you can find me curled up by the fireplace with a stack of seed catalogs and planning for this year's garden!  I do enjoy the rest from the seemingly endless weeding and upkeep of the flowers, but I miss it at the same time!  Thankfully, the garlic is already tucked in for the winter and will be one of the first things to sprout!  I should find some outdoor winter activities to enjoy, but usually walking out to take care of our chickens is about enough outdoor time to have me heading back inside to warm up with a hot bath or shower! 

What do you enjoy doing to take care of yourself in the wintertime? Any tips for cold weather wimps like myself?  I will say that the shorter days make it more inviting to make sure I get enough sleep!


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