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November Savings to cheer you up with the cold and dreary days!

Angela Weaver Autumn Beard & Mustache Wax Body Oils Gift Sets Lip Balm LIP SCRUB SALE Soaps

November has arrived with gray skies and cold rain to make me wish it was October again! I admit I do love collecting leaves though and couldn't resist gathering up a few from our trees to use in the background for this month's photograph!  Can you guess the varieties?  We have a fair amount of different types of trees and each has a beauty all it's own when it comes to the color, shape and texture of the leaves!

But November also brings the warm, lightly sweet scent of Vanilla with the beginnings of holiday baking and also the need for some extra TLC for our skin with all the cold and rain (and let's NOT say SNOW yet!!)  So it's a good time to warm up and treat yourself to some sweet savings on some great products in this month's Promotion Gift Box!


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