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Thank you for another great Daylily Season! We're ready for 2018!

Angela Weaver daylilies Gardening Local Pickup

Daylily Season is over for 2017 and usually the sale bed for the coming year has been lined out and by now, but this year with temperatures in the mid 90's and no rain in sight, I held off longer than usual to line out the new divisions for next year.  A break in the heat wave and finally some rain in the forecast meant that I was finally able to tuck everyone in this weekend! And I finished just in time for the rain to come!  Don't you just love it when it all works out that way?!  

If you're interested in adding some daylily plants to your garden next year our 2018 Daylily brochure will be ready soon... we need to do one more double check for our inventory and then it will be ready to print! Let me know if you'd like a copy and I'd be happy to send you one! 

Find out more about our Daylily Plants for Sale here.  Happy Gardening everyone!

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