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October Savings to relax and enjoy!

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October Savings to relax and enjoy!

October has arrived and even though the weather feels more like August than Autumn today, it is only a matter of time until the first frost arrives and the flowers are gone until next season. 

In the meantime, I'll enjoy the days we have until then as I still have a lot of outside work I would like to finish up!  If there's one thing I've grown really well this season, it's weeds in the flowers!  haha!  I'm happy it hasn't been a dry summer, but all the rain has made for an abundance of volunteer plants to pull out as well as for a wonderful daylily season too! 

All the hot and humid days have also found me to be more of a fair-weather gardener as I've happily retreated indoors to make more soap and wait for more tolerable working conditions outside-- that may also be why I have more to finish up outside! On some good notes though, there's lots of Hand-milled soaps that have been restocked and are ready for you and some exciting new cold process, swirled soaps coming soon to share this month too!  Plus lots of garden work makes for an even greater need to rest and relax and treat yourself and your skin to a little extra care and we've got just the soaps and skincare to help!

We have added some new sizes of eco-friendly gift boxes from BRP Box Shop and just love them!  If you haven't seen our new Small Gift Box with two handmade soaps and a soap dish too, be sure to take a look!  Plus, our October Monthly Promotion Box will come gift boxed and ready for gift-giving this month too!  Filled with more of our favorite spiced skin care favorites to warm up with this October plus a little pumpkin spice too with our Hand-milled Pumpkin Spice Soap!  A fun and useful set to relax and enjoy this month...



With so much to do and so much to enjoy during the month of October, I hope you get the chance to relax and enjoy the best that this season has to offer... if you need me I'll be clearing out the garden to prep for planting more garlic and then cleaning up to make more soaps again!  And probably searching for a few more of the prettiest leaves I can find and sipping on some hot coffee or chai tea!  Winter can be slow in coming, autumn has so much to love...  stay well friends!

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