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September Savings to spice things up a little just in time for Fall!

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September Savings to spice things up a little just in time for Fall!

September here at Sunnybrook Gardens Ltd always means it's time to clean up and divide the daylilies!  And with all that extra garden work, you can bet that I'm ready to rest and relax a bit more than usual with our all natural soaps and skin care!

It's always rather bittersweet to say goodbye to summer and the long days and warm weather, not to mention all the flowers and fresh veggies from the garden!  Fall is a welcome relief from the hot and humid temperatures and the work that goes with the garden... I'd be lying if I said I wasn't looking forward to some cooler weather -- low 70's and mid 60's makes it much more comfortable to work outside.  This month is when we clean up and divide the daylilies and replant new divisions into the sale garden for next year.  Plus the rest of our perennial beds need weeded and mulched too; we've had so much rain this summer that the weeds were ferocious and it was much more difficult than usual to keep up, though it was nice not needing to water plants!  I'm hoping a good fall clean up and new layer of mulch will mean an easier spring cleanup... we'll see...

Apple picking is also one of my favorite things about September!  We do have apple trees, but they have been better at providing snacks for the deer than for food for us.  Truthfully, if it keeps the deer out of my garden and from discovering how delicious daylily buds can be, it's a good trade!  Searching out the local orchards for bushels of apples is always fun and I love fresh, homemade applesauce and apple butter!  And apple pie, apple crisp and apple dumplings too for that matter, but in trying to keep my sweet tooth from taking over, homemade applesauce is great! 

With the changing seasons at hand, it seemed like a pretty good transition to have a bit of spice in our September Monthly Promotion Box!  Our Hand-milled Nutmeg Soap is light and clean and just right amount of spice to start off the season, while the Spiced Chai Lip Balm and Mineral Bathing Salts are perfect when you want a bit more warmth on those chilly days.  And the Spiced Vanilla Lava Lip Gloss, well, lip gloss is always a good choice -- especially when it is both good for your lips and smells like pie, right?!  Enjoy the special savings on this set while it lasts...


Have you entered our End of Summer Stay-cation Giveaway?  There's a few days in September left to enter and we can't wait to see who wins!  I've loved reading all your wonderful ideas in the blog comments too! 

End of Summer Stay-cation Giveaway!



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