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April Savings on our All Natural, Vegan Friendly Soaps to Relax and Enjoy!

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April Savings on our all natural, vegan friendly soaps and skincare!

April 1st arrived with snow showers here in Northeast Ohio... ugh!  Winter can try to hold on, but Spring is officially here and I couldn't be happier!  Under the new layer of snow, our daffodils and beginning to bloom and the daylily plants are greening up and beginning to grow! 

It feels so good to begin working outside again!  I don't know about you, but I've got loads of work waiting for me in the gardens... projects that didn't quite get finished last fall and new projects for this year too...  I need a younger body or a landscaping crew to get my ambitious list tackled, but even slow progress is progress! haha! 

Some of our gardens around the house are getting scaled back with plants moving out into the big garden next to the daylily sale garden.  And the vegetable garden is getting a big upgrade with some raised square-foot gardening boxes, paths, trellis, etc.  I am SO EXCITED about this project I can hardly wait to show you the progress!  Anyone else have raised veggie gardens?  I'd love to see some! 

Rainy days are for catching up on making soap and cleaning up from working outside means extra soap is a necessary part of Spring around here!  We don't put chemicals on our plants, so we don't want to put them on our skin either -- our handmade soaps are full of skin loving, all natural ingredients and no bad stuff like artificial colors or fragrances.  Just pure, gentle soap in lots of varieties!  

Enjoy our April Monthly Promotion Box for great savings on our all natural soaps

Our April Monthly Promotion Box is just what your skin wants with the cold, wet weather of early Spring.  Gift boxed to share with someone you love, or enjoy it for yourself! 

Easter is my favorite holiday and to celebrate Spring— and a return to getting to be outside gardening again!— we've put together a Spring Giveaway  with some of our favorite products for you to enjoy... We love doing giveaways!

Spring Giveaway of our all natural soaps and skin care!


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  • Theta on

    I’m really excited for Spring to arrive! I’m looking forward to wearing lighter and brighter clothes.

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