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Groundbreaking for the new cut flower and herb garden!

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Groundbreaking for the new cut flower and herb garden!

So excited for the beautiful Easter weekend weather! Sunrise service is one of my favorite things and that's saying something since I am not a morning person by nature!

Perhaps the best surprise this weekend was hearing my husband tell me we could rototill the gardens!!  I've been trying really hard not to ask on a daily basis if it was dry enough yet! (Is it dry enough now? What about tonight? When do you think it will be ready?)  But the time was finally here THIS WEEKEND and Saturday evening we (he on the tractor and I happily watching and picking out rocks and such!) turned it over for the first time and then again Sunday afternoon...

Ahh, nothing like the smell of fresh dirt!  The joy of watching the tractor and tiller move through it all so easily made every tractor payment worth it!   After having spent many an hour (um, days!!) edging with a shovel and turning beds over by hand and then even hours more breaking it up by hand with a shovel or hoe, my much older-than-it-used-to-be body is thrilled that it's all done and it looks pretty good!  Quite beautiful to me, actually!  It was expanded a few feet more than I originally planned it to be since he told me the unhappy news that my Daylily divisions will be joining this garden while he has plans for where they are now... not what I was hoping to hear, but in the end it should all work out for the best!  I have some good compost from the chickens to add in and we'll go from there.  One giant step closer to planting! 🌸🌿


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