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July Savings to Relax and Enjoy!

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July Savings to Relax and Enjoy!

July is always one of our favorite and the busiest months here at Sunnybrook Gardens Ltd since it brings our favorite season -- DAYLILY SEASON!  The sale garden is packed with plants and full of buds!  Local friends we hope you'll check out our free Daylily Brochure for more information and contact us to stop out to see if there's any you'd like to adopt for your gardens!

We've been working hard to revamp some of our existing flower beds around the house and it has been a daunting and seemingly endless task to downsize a few, cleanup all of them and keep up with daylily sale garden and planting and maintaining the new veggie garden and the cut flower and herb garden too... a lot of days I feel too old for all of it but we press on... haha!

On the bright side, many of the milkweed varieties that we added to attract Monarch Butterflies have come back strong as well as many of the other butterfly host and nectar plants we added last year!  We are excited to see more and more butterflies in our gardens and it was easy and fun to add more varieties for them to enjoy!  I hope to have a blog post about it soon and have also thought it might be fun to do a Butterfly Gardening Workshop -- if you think you'd be interested, let me know!

And our 2021 Garlic Crop is will be harvested at the beginning of July and it is looking AMAZING!  We planted more than ever before last fall and while part of me is still trying to figure out where on earth I'm going to dry it all, the other part of me is just jumping for joy at the sight of all of it!  Local friends, I hope you'll buy a bunch of it before my poor husband has a meltdown from his garage smelling like garlic (which I think smells great but he doesn't share my love of it that much-- or at least he doesn't want his garage to smell that strongly of it!)  The softneck Inchelium Red garlic will be ready soon after July 4th, and the hardneck Music variety will be harvested soon after that. 

With all the working in the gardens, we are cleaning up even more than usual!  Since we don't use any chemicals on our gardens, putting harsh chemicals on our skin isn't our thing either... we love that our soaps are as kind and gentle to our skin as we are to our soil and plants.

Our July Monthly Promotion Box has three of our unscented cold process soaps gift boxed and ready to enjoy all at a special price for this month only! 




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